Tribal 12 ch01

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Hi there!

Our first english release is the chapter 1 of Tribal 12 series, by Yu-ko Osada (Toto! The wonderful adventure, Run Day Burst).
Here is the series data (also you can see it at “Projects” section):

Author: Yu-ko Osada (Toto! The wonderful adventure)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural
Status: 3 volumes (Complete)
Translation: Tanequil
Cleaning & Typesetting: Kuroudi

When you lose your most loved one… Are you ready to challenge the world’s laws to try to get it back? Even if this causes the awakening of horrible creatures that destroy everything in its path? The “witch” took this step and now the world is in chaos. But, fortunately, the “12″ protect the people against those creatures. Ko Neriyasu, a candidate to join the “12″, will fight with all his strength to protect his world, but he isn’t alone: the cheerful Oz and his dog Trouble soon appeared in his way.

You can both download it and read it online, so… we hope you like it! ^^
[Download] [Read Online]



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